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Grey · Havens

Games and preconceptions

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Time: last night. Setting: my flat. Characters: yours truly, Keira and V watching Galactica. I don't even know why we started doing that. Those peasant know nothing. (By the way, if it occasionally seems like I don't ever do anything else, it's probably at least half-true.)

Keira: Ok, question: Marry, shag, throw off a cliff. Baltar, Helo, Adama.
Me: Gay marriage is not legal. You can't make me choose between- Oh, wait, it's legal, shit.
V: That's it, that's his priority. Not that they're fictional characters.
Me: Shag Baltar.
Keira: He cries all the time! What if he cries during the shag?
Me: I think that's at least half-canon. [New Caprica, what]
Keira: Ok, cliff and marry.
Me: Which Adama?
Keira [like she's just realised there's more than one]: Er... the sexy one.
Me: So which one?
V: He means the father or the son.
Keira: O_o
Me: :D
Keira: O___o
Me: Ok, Helo is marriage material but I wouldn't toss any of the Adamas off a cliff, it's a matter of survival.
V: No, no, please don't.
[It's too late, I launch a half-hour-long tirade concerning the awesomeness of the Adama family.}
Keira: ...Geek.

I still don't get why people are so surprised when they find out I love certain science fiction-related things. I haven't actually got any merchandise (I've got a TARDIS-shaped teapot but I'm British, it's a thing here), so you wouldn't tell it by my flat, but I remember having a bloke over, not long before the fire, who was a Trekkie, and he saw a Star Wars DVD on my shelf and went off on a tangent about how people who compare SW and ST annoy him because both things are cool in a different way. Then he was like: Yeah, sorry, I know you're not interested. Then I revealed my massive inner SW geek, and he was very surprised. I don't even know why. XPP Apparently you have to be a science major to like these things or something.
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On September 15th, 2013 10:05 am (UTC), dune_master commented:
Thank you. XPP

I wish you'd been here too. It was cracktastic!
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