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Half of my acquaintances seem to be the fans of Imagine Dragons. I admit I was okay with that until that band literally started cropping up everywhere. Especially "Radioactive" and "It's Time". The only song of theirs I kind of like is Ready Aim Fire from Iron Man, but I suspect it'll soon start annoying me as well.
Other bands/singers that currently annoy me: Florence and the Machine, Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, 30 Seconds to Mars (which is a pity because I like their first 2 albums).
Placebo's new single is terrible. The song is boring, the video is pretentious. Blah.
I feel old when I think about the times when it wasn't possible to download music from the Internet. I don't usually complain about it because hell, it's convenient! Regardless of whether you pirate or pay for it officially, it's still convenient. But I came across that famous quote from Almost Famous, about being able to go to a record store and visit your friends when you're lonely, and I can't help thinking that those shops are so much more than, well, shops. They're like a place to connect. Personally I still go to bookshops. I seldom read ebooks. I can't say the same about music. Nothing stops me from going to shops of course but the spirit isn't the same. Somebody get me a time machine!
The problem with complaining about the past being better than the present is that it's incessant. Every new generation thinks things used to be better and then along came we and fucked it all up. Really pointless if you ask me. But as far as music goes I'm inclined to bitch and moan as much as the next bloke.
I spent the last few days translating every scrap of idiocy that came my way and marathoning Hayao Miyazaki during breaks. XPP I've also got a few new job prospects. More when I know more.
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On September 5th, 2013 06:47 pm (UTC), shaitanah commented:
I like Imagine Dragons (and actually everything else you've mentioned though 30STM were indeed better once and Placebo's new song does suck - and wtf is that vid? O_o) but I agree that they're everywhere! Same with Marina and Florence. Esp. Marina. On top of all, her fans all come off as annoying emo girls. I once had a chance to go to Imagine Dragons' concert. XD But it was right after Spain and I was tired as hell. :(
Every new generation thinks things used to be better and then along came we and fucked it all up. LOL, it reminds me of Tietjens moaning about the 18th century and Valentine pointing out that if he'd lived in the 18th century, he'd have been saying the same thing. XD And he was like: Well, duh!
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On September 6th, 2013 04:15 pm (UTC), dune_master replied:
I'd mind them a whole lot less if they hadn't been everywhere!

I know what you mean about the fans. Have you noticed how most young Beat fans are utter morons? They make the whole culture look pretentious as fuck. It's exactly what people like Kerouac abhorred. Kerouac himself was largely against the term "beatnik" because it meant this particular annoying and showy type of people.

Haha, I remember that quote! Fitting indeed.
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